Understanding team dynamics

Terri Bernhardt (left) and me at one of the many events we attended together throughout the years.

Today is a big day for our company. Terri Bernhardt, who has been contributing to our success for over seven years, departs for new challenges.

What happens when a vital member of the team wants to venture out for new and fresh opportunities? As a leader, it has been my long belief that the growth and development of our team ranks near the top to maintain successful business operations. Prioritizing the needs of the team is extremely important as it builds trust, character and loyalty.

Over the last 8 ½ years, Capital Communications has grown up, and Terri has been there to see it all. For a small business, it is important as growth occurs to assess the strengths and weaknesses, to tap into the strengths of each team member, while ensuring that everyone feels a sense of belonging and value.

Just as the assessment is made when new members come on board, we experience some of the same when a teammate departs. The reassessment of skills and talents, and new focus and direction occurs – but always creating a culture of belonging and value.

Terri has been a treasured member of the Capital Communications team. We are excited for her new opportunities and passions – we know she will fit into the team dynamics at Orange County Convention Center. As for us, we have it covered too. Although we can never fill Terri’s shoes, we will focus on drawing on the talents of our new team members and accentuating the great skills and capabilities of our existing team. Together we’ll integrate and celebrate the new team by continuing to deliver great products and services to our clients.