Dr. Haifa Maamar, executive director of emerging technologies at Full Sail University, is newly elected to the National Center for Simulation’s (NCS) board for the 2023-2026 term. Also re-elected to the board are John Givens, CEO of VirTra, and Mary Trier, president and CEO of Capital Communications and Consulting.

“For decades the National Center for Simulation has been raising the bar within the emerging technologies space,” said Maamar. “I’m excited to represent Full Sail University and higher education as a member of the NCS board of directors for the next three years. Through this role, I hope to expand the visibility of the NCS within academic institutions, foster growth in the simulation community, and facilitate collaboration with numerous industries to strengthen the ecosystem.”

Maamar has led education initiatives focused on emerging technologies at Full Sail University for almost 10 years. In this role she has prepared students for success in a variety of tech fields, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and simulation, among several others.

Givens returns to the board as vice chair and holds the position of the incoming chair in January 2024. Last August, he assumed the duties as CEO of VirTra, Inc., a firm that provides judgmental use-of-force training simulators and firearms training simulators to law enforcement and military markets worldwide.

Trier is a past NCS board chair and president and CEO of her company, Capital Communications & Consulting, a marketing and public relations firm that primarily serves organizations in Central Florida’s modeling, simulation and training (MS&T) industry and also operates Team Orlando News.

“The individuals who have been elected to their positions have been active members in the MS&T space for some time now, and they’ve all demonstrated past leadership that will continue to benefit our community in the future,” said George Cheros, NCS president and CEO. “I look forward to continuing my relationship with John and Mary on the board, and I can’t wait to start working with Haifa. I expect that we’re going to achieve some awesome things together.”

Maamar added, “It is truly an honor to be named to the National Center for Simulation board of directors alongside Mary Trier and John Givens for the upcoming term. I look forward to positively impacting the simulation and emerging tech landscape on a local, national, and global front.”

NCS is a non-profit trade association supporting and expanding the modeling and simulation community and is committed to promoting modeling and simulation technology expansion, education, and workforce development, and providing business development assistance to its members. www.simulationinformation.com