Capital Communications’ quick tip of the day is related to unplanned interviews. Remembering a few of these quick tips can be important if you are asked to do an on-the-spot interview at a conference or event.

Capital CommunicationsAs a business leader or professional, you will want to leave your audience, not only with information about your product or service, but also with the impression that you are the expert – competent, cool and concise. So, here are a few tips if you are ever thrust into the spotlight:

  • If you have time, get some background from the interviewer – what is the story about and how do you fit in?
  • Make eye contact with the person doing the interview. Glancing around the room and unnecessary eye rolling doesn’t communicate competence and leadership.
  • Take a “quick” moment before jumping in to answer the question. Answer the question in a way that allows you to tell your story the way you want it told.
  • Be concise in the way you deliver your message – short sound bites are great; but keep them real and believable. Avoid talking in clichés.
  • How do you look? Take a few moments to make sure you look good. Have a friend or colleague check you out.

These are just a few of our tips that you might consider as you prepare to step out, but if you have any other questions or need help in your preparation, contact Capital Communications. In today’s “always-on” digital environment, it pays to take a moment to be prepared. Good luck!