Capital Communications & Consulting (C3) is proud to announce the recent addition of Karen Murgas, PMP, to the team as director of strategic engagements.

Murgas graduated from St. Francis University with two bachelor’s degrees in business management and organizational leadership. She later went on to study at George Washington University where she earned her master’s in tourism administration with a concentration on event management.

Her career has included a variety of public-facing positions in the academic, private industry, and government communities. Most recently, Murgas spent over 20 years supporting the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative, which included time as outreach principal overseeing the planning and execution of all domestic and international outreach efforts.

“My past work experiences, coupled with the valuable lessons I’ve learned in various outreach and project management situations, have uniquely prepared me for my new role at C3,” Murgas said. “Partnerships offer so many mutual benefits and can lead to innovation through exchanges of ideas and knowledge. I’m excited to build relationships with members of our modeling and simulation community and help align their communications and marketing needs to meet their organizational goals.”

Murgas is especially enthusiastic about building awareness and communication. She said she sees those as important aspects of C3’s function because a client can have the best product or service, but if they aren’t sharing those offerings at the right time with the right people, no one benefits.

As C3’s strategic engagements director, Murgas will help oversee and manage key relationships and partnerships for the organization, as well as lead cross-functional teams to execute strategic initiatives to support client requirements.

“I’m proud of the team we’ve built at Capital Communications, and Karen’s experience makes her a strong addition,” said Mary Trier, C3’s founder and president/CEO. “Karen has a solid, consistent record for taking care of clients and delivering the results they need. We’re especially lucky that she’s joined us just in time for TSIS, and I look forward to seeing how her contributions take our organization to the next level.”

When she isn’t working with clients, Murgas enjoys the outdoors, working in her garden, and spending time with her pets, a dog named Sally and her cat, Bailee.