We are a leading Orlando marketing and communications provider for the simulation, training, health care, and high-tech industry.

Making A Difference

Capital Communications and Consulting is a leading Orlando marketing firm providing communications products and services, primarily supporting the world’s largest and most influential modeling, simulation, and training industry – both government and commercial.

The cornerstone of our business is our attention to the relationships we have, those we foster, and those we create along the way to strengthen our client’s position within the marketplace. We make it our business to know you, the audience you serve, how to concisely and expertly tell your story, and the tools that best fulfill your communications and marketing needs.

At Capital Communications, we make a difference for our clients, our community and the individuals whose lives we touch. Let us make a difference for you.

Orlando Marketing and PR | Capital Communications

talkIconMeaningful Conversations

Success begins with the development of clear messaging and market profiling.

Short attention spans and busy schedules make it even more important to sharpen your story. We help engage your audience with a call to action in the first thirty seconds.

designSeamless Design
& Media Solutions

We design creative, attention grabbing web, print, and multi-media solutions.

From digital marketing to business cards, our creative team uses design and marketing skills to accentuate your message and complement your brand identity.

strongConnectionsValued Connections
& Strong Relationships

Using our deeply rooted network, we position your marketing campaigns to just the right target audience.

We design a campaign to meet your marketing and communications needs, building brand loyalty and trust with your valued customers.